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With Warm Regards
Tina Martinez
Owner New York Brain Center
Certified Brainwave Optimization Technologist

Brainwave Optimization™

Brainwave Optimization is a technology used to bring brainwave activity into balance. When the brain is out of balance it becomes inefficient and as a result we experience different kinds of symptoms. The symptoms can be physical, behavioral, psychological or emotional.

Bringing the brain into balance is like tuning up a car. A car that is maintained properly will last longer, get better mileage and will need less care. The same is true for your brain.

Brainwave Optimization is non-invasive, does not involve drugs or shock-therapy, and it is proven, safe and effective.

We find that Brainwave Optimization helps with:

  • learning issues
  • addiction
  • behavioral issues
  • sleep issues
  • anxiety and depression
  • post traumatic stress
  • focus and concentration
  • age-related issues

We also find that this technology can be used to improve:

  • Athletic Performance
  • Meditation
  • Leadership

Brainwave Optimization is similar to bio/neuro feedback however it is not entrainment. We do not attempt to force the brain into a particular pattern. Instead we encourage the brain to achieve greater self-regulation by utilizing it's own innate intelligence and neuroplasticity to achieve this goal.

We are not as hard-wired as we thought we were!
Yes, we can change, and yes, we can feel better.

Brainwave Optimization is a patented technology that tens of thousands of adults and children have already benefited from.

Brainwave Optimization - How it Works

Brainwave Optimization Infographic

Appointments, Fees & Services

Brainwave Optimization assessments, consultations and sessions are by appointment only.


Phone - 15 minutes: Free
In Office - 30 minutes: Free

Brainwave Optimization Program

Gotta love a New Yorker! We are busy, know what we want and just need the bottom line so here it is:

  1. Can it help [insert affliction here]? Yes. If you're still not sure, call.
  2. You will probably be here every day for 5-7 days for 4 hours/day.
  3. The program is called an Intensive, costs $2500 and is not covered by insurance.

Packages & Individual Services

Assessment: $300
Individual Session: $200 (for returning clients only)
Intensive: $2500 (1 Assessment + 10-12 Sessions)
Session 10-pack: $1800 (includes a 10% discount)


In gratitude and with love we offer a 50% discount to law enforcement and veterans. Must meet eligibility requirements and this discount offer may not be combined with any other.

For Doctors

We have a referral program and a treatment integration program available for doctors.

The referral program is for physicians, neurologists, DOs, psychiatric professionals, chiropractors, and acupuncturists. Please call the office to request a referral packet and provider ID.

Our treatment integration program is for doctors who prescribe medication but want to know a little bit more about what the brain is doing before selecting a medication. The advanced EEG data analysis allows the doctor to select a medication more suitable to their patients needs. This is not a diagnosis tool. It is used to select a medication that acts on the brain in a way that won't increase dysfunctional brainwave patterns.

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Fine Print

new york brain center is a licensed affiliate of Brain State Technologies. new york brain center is not a medical facility. Brainwave Optimization is not used or intended to treat, cure or diagnose anything. Individual results may vary.

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